Lilla & Beth
Lilla & Beth Lilla & Beth

In this beautiful board book Daddy Bear shows his love in many ways, from making breakfast to playing music to showing Baby Bear how to ride a bike. This padded board book is a wonderful way to share the warm sentiments between a father and child. The lovable bears show how the daddy and baby are loving friends, spending time together.  

Perfect for everyday reading * Charming Daddy and Baby Story, featuring illustrations of cuddly bears. Gentle illustrations made for a soothing bedtime reading routine * Add to a young reader's library, today!

  • Written by Brooke Vitale and illustrated by Laura Watkins
  • 6.25” x 8.25”
  • Padded Board Book 
  • 24 Pages 
  • Recommended for ages: 1 - 5 
  • Glossy Cover