Lilla & Beth

Whether you find yourself in the car, at a restaurant, in a lounge, on an airplane, or on the couch at the airbnb, your kiddo may inevitably have an urge to create, and this set includes everything you may need to save the day! I

  • Included in this bundle: 
    • Tern Art Folio™ 
    • Watercolor Gel Crayons (8 crayons per set) 
    • Zig Zag Challenges™ I Dry Erase Mazes & Marker (24 mazes per set) 
    • Blank Doodle Pad (Journey Journal™ sold separately) Key Features 
    • 1 open pocket for A5 sized notepad 
    • 1 side open pocket for maxes 
    • 2 magnetized closed pockets 
  • Key Features:
    • Magnetic snap closure 
    • Easy to Carry 
    • Iridescent Colors 
    • Fits A5 sized notebook 
    • Designed in the USA
    • Size 7”L x 11”W x 1”H 
    • Material- synthetic leather