Lilla & Beth

Our 8 piece set of watercolor gel crayons glide smoothly across the page to create vibrant artwork. These gel crayons are non-toxic and do not dry out! Adding a little water will create beautiful watercolor effects. They make bolder and smoother strokes than regular crayons and feel more like paint. The grip is contoured for maximum comfort that makes hours of fun possible! Packed in a cotton linen bag, they are ready to be added to the pocket of the Tern Folio or just thrown in your bag for easy fun.

  • Key Features •
    • Durable twist barrels 
    • Chunky Plastic Barrel with contoured grip for better handling 
    • Won’t Dry Out 
    • Non-Toxic 
    • Suitable for ages 3 and up 
    • Designed in USA 
    • Tested by independent laboratories and conforms to all US standards
  • Dimensions + Materials:
    • Size of each crayon - 0.644” W x 5.283” H 
    • Plastic Barrel 
    • Cotton bag with top ties 
    • Imported