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Celebrate your birth month with a classic satin-finish pendant necklace that comes within a small glass bottle. Each stone carries unique qualities to illuminate and inspire. Whether you gift it or wear it - it pairs perfectly with casual or fancy attire. Each crystal pendant necklace is dipped in 14k gold with an adjustable 16-18" chain and comes inside an adorable glass bottle with a cork top.

January: This garnet crystal birthstone necklace inspires good luck and protection. The qualities of garnet include purity, truth, faithfulness and friendship. 

February: This amethyst crystal birthstone necklace inspires inner peacefulness and clarity. The qualities of amethyst include balance, healing, and stress-relief. 

March: This aquamarine crystal birthstone necklace inspires inner strength and creativity. The qualities of aquamarine include power, calmness, and courage.

April: This clear crystal birthstone necklace inspires purity and energy. The qualities of clear cystal include vitality and strength. 

May: This emerald crystal birthstone necklace symbolizes love, happiness, and success. The qualities of emerald promote physical and mental healing. 

June: This alexandrite crystal birthstone necklace symbolizes innocence, health, and peace. The qualities of alexandrite promote creativity and mental well-being.

July: This ruby crystal birthstone necklace symbolizes love and enthusiasm. The qualities of ruby promote happiness and wealth.  

August: This peridot crystal birthstone necklace inspires peace and happiness. The qualities of peridot promote purity and luck.

September: This sapphire crystal birthstone necklace inspires wisdom and clarity of spirit. The qualities of sapphire promote happiness and luck. 

October: This tourmaline crystal birthstone necklace inspires hope and happiness. The qualities of tourmaline promote peace and compassion. 

November: This citrine crystal birthstone necklace inspires wisdom and serenity. The qualities of citrine promote courage and compassion.

December: This blue zircon crystal birthstone necklace inspires love and prosperity. The qualities of blue zircon promote peace, joy, and good luck.