Lilla & Beth
Lilla & Beth Lilla & Beth Lilla & Beth Lilla & Beth Lilla & Beth Lilla & Beth Lilla & Beth

A simple but essential journal to help you be intentional with your time, using it to learn and grow—to ground yourself and start your day with purpose and gratitude. We can honor the gift of each day by using it well, and we use it well by being intentional with our time. This simple, beautifully illustrated journal offers a quick way to facilitate an intentional day. It's structured with four simple questions in squares, in four categories: your relationships and how to make the most of them; concepts, ideas, or activities you want to explore or thoughts about steps you might take to improve a situation; accomplishments large and small you'd like to achieve that day; and finding happiness in your life today. Weekends are covered in reflective pages where you can look back and ahead, and inspiring quotes from famous writers, thinkers, leaders, and entertainers are scattered throughout.

  • By Leahanne Thomas
  • Flexibound book
  • 4.625 x 6.75 inches
  • 320 pages